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Lucas Madsen

As someone new to BJJ, I was lucky to find the Sanctuary. Everyday the upper belts in the room work with me to help me improve. There are no over blown egos nor unwillingness to work with lower belts. The atmosphere is one of support and team work. Thank you professor's Lowry and Minkin for helping me discover jui jitsu

Denise Costianes

Charlee is AMAZING! Her crossfit classes, kick your butt, in a good way! She is super motivating and helps you work hard. I'd recommend her to everyone!

Adrian Maldonado

The Sanctuary is legit. For those of you who would like to improve your skill set this is the place to get it done! I feel my jujitsu has improved enormously! Professor Ben Lowry and Charlee Minkin have a wealth of knowledge and experience. This place is sick!

Alexander Grösgen

I had the chance to train bjj here for 3 months and in all my time as a martial artist I have never experienced anything greater than the training, efficency and fun I was able te get at The Sanctuary. Big thank you. I hope to see you all again. ;)

Jonathon Swanson

Great place to train. A very good mix of high level conditioning and technique. Here you will get the highest level of training while making close friends.